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B.I.O. (by invitation only) series 5 >>> £1.50 (set of 4 >>> £5)
(also part of the random 'FREE surprise badges' with purchased FL@33 T-shirts)

Selected international designers, illustrators and artists were invited to submit designs for this one inch (25mm) button badge series. Stereohype sells 'B.I.O. series 5' badges separately and gives them away as a free surprise badge with purchased stereohype T-shirts. The 'B.I.O. series 5' includes artworks by Agathe Jacquillat @ FL@33, Andy Smith, Birgit Simons, Darren Firth @ Wearitwithpride (WIWP), ÉricandMarie, Holger Klein @ Geat_, Gonzague aka Alexandre Leonard-Dalissier, Kerstin Hlava-Landeck, Samantha (Manti) Bohatsch @ Less Rain, Lotie, Lisa Olausson @ Medium, Richard Kirk @ onepom, Rachel Pfleger, Anne & Alex @ Rude & Rusitschka, Tomi Vollauschek @ FL@33, Ronald Wisse @ Visualdata.
Released: November 2006.

designed by Richard Kirk @ onepom

Founded in 2002, onepom is an independent multi-discipline design studio, collaborating with both public and private sectors on a variety of national and international projects. The studio produces print, screen and three-dimensional graphics for publishing, marketing, press, exhibition, events, product development and brand applications.

one inch (25mm) button badge

Also available by the same designer:
a 'set of 4' Richard Kirk button badges from 'B.I.O. series 2' and Sorry I'm Late – the T-shirt

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